There are over a dozen gods on Sora, many of them benevolent and others not. The pantheon covers a wide range of philosophical aspects. Though it is common knowledge that the gods exist, some believe that a few of them are purely make believe, created by those hoping to brainwash others into a way of thinking.

All gods are incorporeal. At times, they require a mortal avatar to do their work. Sometimes it is to lead a grand army. Other times, it may be to protect or assassinate a single individual. Whatever the reason, the gods do not need the vessel to be willing. They can possess anyone they wish. Some choose mortals at random while others have avatars with sacred birthrights to serve.

Ce Drey - God of the Sun

Ce Drey is the most commonly worshiped god on the continent of Hayashi. Ce Drey brings light and warmth, the essential component to all life. Each day, he sleeps and arises one again, reminding us that the cycle of life will always continue. Ce Drey's clerics don't only heal the injured, but they can also "read" the essence aura of another to determine their health or magical affinities.

Morgan - Goddess of Time

Morgan is the keeper of the Gates of Time. Her worshipers believe that she can rewrite fate itself and has done so many times. Skeptics disavow this claim. Eighteen years ago, Morgan disappeared and the Gates of Time were locked, impeding all forms of transference magic and temporal manipulation. Morgan's clerics have the special ability to move with phenomenal speed.

Sophia - The Mother Goddess

Sophia is one of the oldest gods on Sora with the heart of her worshipers settled in the grand city-state Mausoleum. Both Sophia's worshipers and those with other religious beliefs perform rites to her for safe pregnancies and child rearing. Sophia's clerics are often blessed with powerful empathy.

The Oni no Megami - Goddess of Demons

Many mortals shudder in fear at the mention of the Oni No Megami. Parents tell tales to their children about her to make them obedient. However, these tales are often misleading and exaggerated. Her image does indeed strike terror into the hearts of those who behold her cruel beauty, but she is far from evil. She is simply the matron goddess of the demon races, and she only takes the kinsho, a willing priestess by birthright, as her avatar. History reminds us that it was the Oni No Megami who stopped Her Great Destruction, and gave hope to the survivors of the disaster.

Galron the Trickster - God of Deception

Determining Galron's chaotic motivations has lead to much debate on whether he is wicked or merely has an unquenchable thirst for humor. Though few worship him as a true god, criminals and performers alike pay tribute to him when seeking good luck. Galron is always happy to assist the few who pray to him…but never in the way they expect.

Kyruka - God of Coupling & Frozen Dinners

Kyruka's origins are rooted in ancient myth. The legend weaves a tale of two lovers: Kyro the Magnificent and Haruka the Mad. Kyro was an ice sorcerer seeking to become a god. The only way he could achieve godhood was to join in a union of body and essence with his love Haruka, a wild woman renown for her skills with a wok…both in the kitchen and in combat. In modern Sora, it is tradition to drink a toast to Kyruka at weddings.

Salim - The Lunar Muse

Salim is ever-changing, smiling for a fortnight, and frowning for the next. It is he who gifted sentient life with the ability to feel emotion, both the joyous and the wrathful. It is through his blessing that we can express ourselves through word and art. Many turn to Salim in meditation while working upon creative endeavors.

R'aul Noth - God of Night

No one fears the dark. They fear what hides within it. Few appreciate this truth. R'aul Noth's cloak conceals us when we are hunters, and protects us when we are prey. He is worshiped more often by those in provincial lands, especially hybrions, but more as a form of loose spiritualism rather than a structured religion.